Dark Market Economist is an online news organization advancing the cause of data journalism, shedding light on the dark side of big data.

The public’s trust in media is shaken, as seen in rallying cries such as fake news, alternative facts, and attacks on the possible biases of mainstream media.

Exhibiting caution towards the types of news media one chooses to trust is vital to the proper function of democracy.

Without any measure of trust, the public conversation has splintered into tiny subcultures and cliques. Factions with sophisticated echo chambers that are effective at creating talking points rather than genuine conversations.Depriving the fire of free and open societies across the world of their oxygen—informed and engaged citizens.

It is Dark Market Economist’s mission to restore and maintain this dialogue and with it—good faith. If you’d like to contribute, then we urge you to check out what we’re looking for, and pitch us.