Dark Market Economist is an online news organization dedicated to the independent journalism. Through our network of reporters, scholars, and engaged representatives of civil society—we shed light on stories that our information age has left in the dark.

The public’s trust in media has been shaken—as seen by the popularity of terms like fake news and alternative facts—and it threatens the health of republics across the world.

Careful consumption of media is a mark of an informed citizenry, but in its current form has corroded our how we define what news is. Local newspapers, radio stations, and small magazines have consolidated or gone extinct—isolating the news from the citizens that it is supposed to inform.

As this took place, subcultures and cliques have become more entrenched than ever. Factions with sophisticated echo chambers that are more effective at creating talking points rather than genuine conversations. They deprive free and open societies across the world of their oxygen—informed and engaged citizens—and have instead pitted us against one another.

It is Dark Market Economist’s mission to restore and maintain this dialogue and with it—good faith. By empowering scholars, journalists, and civil society actors with a platform and tools to tell their stories, we can reinvigorate the role of the institutional free press and take on the tremendous task of informing and alerting the American people.   If you’d like to contribute, then we urge you to check out what we’re looking for, and pitch us.