Paul Ryan, Republican speaker for the house, stumping on the campaign trail

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We are defederalizing an entitlement, block granting it back to the states and capping its growth rate. That’s never been done before.

Paul Ryan, The Vicki McKenna Show

On the evening of March 20, Speaker Paul Ryan introduced a Manager’s Amendment to the American Health Care Act or Trumpcare in an attempt to sure up support among Senate Republicans.

The changes came days ahead of the bill’s vote on Thursday. The revisions include: a $75B reserve to fund tax credits for older Americans, state-controlled block grants for Medicaid and allows states to introduce work requirements to gain access to healthcare subsidies.

Kevin Brady (R-Texas) the Committee Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee promised an updated CBO score before a floor vote of the bill. An update report is expect on the evening of March 22, just under the nose of the vote the following day.

After widespread backlash to the CBO report, co-authored by Joint Sub-Committee on Taxation including Speaker Paul Ryan, showed that the bill would strip insurance from 14M enrollees by 2018 and 24M by 2026, in order to save the Federal Government $337B over 10 years.

21 Republican votes are all that stands in the way of the bills fate, alarmed President Donald Trump warned House Republicans on Thursday saying,”Many of you will lose you seats in 2018 if you don’t get this done.”


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