Feb 22–In the wake of the shooting in Parkland, FL; Minnesotans rallied, mostly on behalf Protect MN, a nonprofit dedicated to preventing gun violence, dressed in mostly matching orange attire, at their state capitol. The group is backing four gun safety bills in the 2018 legislative session including Criminal Background Checks, Gun Violence Protective Order, Assault Weapon Minimum Age Bill, Firearm Data Collection, Trauma-Informed Gun Violence Reduction, and grants for community organizations with “expertise reducing gun violence.”

A variety of approaches of gun control were tossed around that day, ranging from bans on particular weapons or for bans on locations to be enforced, but at the end of the day the public’s desire for a more nuanced conversation on the issue was clear.

Students from a local high school walked out of classes to demand action on an issue that hits very close to home in the wake of shootings across the country in 2018.

For more of our political coverage from Minnesota’s state capitol and other parts of the Midwest stay tuned, and check out our coverage of the Justice for Philando protests and MN NORML’s 420 rally for legalization.

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